High Flux Tubing

High Flux Tubing / Tubes / Pipes The high flux tubing by WOLFSTECH is the fruit by the jointed efforts from WOLFSTECH and Central South University (China most-well-known non-ferrous research university), with stable & high quality approved by CNPC, SINOPEC, and CNOOC. Such high-tech tubing has used the technologies of Metallurgical Bond+ Machining or Extrusion, and been proved to be a very reliable product, with long life, no leak, building-cost-saving, running-cost-saving, maintenance-cost-saving, room-saving, easy reconstruction of old equipment (like: reboiler) and high enhancement of heat transfer efficiency(especially in boiling). The high flux tubing works, mainly depending on its thin porous coating, which provides numerous stable bubble nucleation sites; because such sintered porous coating has a combination of good matrix thermal conductivity, highly-extended micro-surface area, and many contact points, finally helping produces boiling coefficients that are 10-30 times greater than bare tubes, while extending the nucleate boiling range to very low temperature differences. You can get good boiling at temperature differences or LMTD of only 5 Deg C. The interesting applications of WOLFSTECH high flux tubing mainly focus on phase change, like: Ethylene Carburetor, Ethylene Tower Top Condenser, Ethylene Tower Bottom Reboiler, Glycol Evaporator, Air Separation Unit, Natural Gas Liquefaction, Grassroots Heavy Aromatics Separator, Natural Gas De-ethanizing, Heat-pumped Propylene/Isobutene Fractionators, and Ammonia Plant Syngas Chilling. Material and Size in WOLFSTECH High Flux Tubing Part Name Bare Tubing with Flutes or Fins Sintered Porous Coating Material Carbon Steel Tubing, Alloy Steel Tubing, Stainless Tubing, Copper Nickel Tubing, Copper Tubing, Brass Tubing, Aluminum Tubing; For other alloy tubing, please check with us for the possibility; Carbon Steel Matrix, Alloy Steel Matrix, Stainless Matrix, Copper Nickel Matrix, Copper Matrix, Brass Matrix, Aluminum Matrix; For other alloy matrix, please check with us for the possibility; Size Outer Diameter:15mm - 40mm ; Length: 500mm-12,000mm; Thickness:0.13mm-0.38mm Model Number of WOLFSTECH High Flux Tubing Model Number Shell Side Tube Side WFS-GTLT-001 Sintered Porous Coating Flutes WFS-GTLT-002 Flutes Sintered Porous Coating WFS-GTLT-003 Sintered Porous Coating Fins WFS-GTLT-004 Fins Sintered Porous Coating Other Advantage if using WOLFSTECH high flux tubing: 1)Our High Flux Tubing have had extensive use in the petrochemical industry, especially ethylene. They can cut the size of an ethane /ethylene splitter re-boiler by over 1/3; 2) The very process of nucleate boiling in our high flux tubing kept the surface in good shape, which would not deteriorate over time (like: fouling, etc). No fouling concerns over and above regular tubes; 3) Doubly enhanced tubes do use extended area to gain heat transfer advantage, the high flux enhancement really targets boiling by assisting in bubble formation; also, resulting in an overall heat transfer improvement of 2-4 times that of bare tubes;