• Talent Recruit

    Zhangjiagang Wolfs Technologies Co., Ltd. is the key enterprise in Zhangjiagang City, ranking as one of leading suppliers in China for Metal. The company has been certified ISO9001:2008.

    Now we invite the talents with the following education background to join us:
    A. Metal Pressure Processing, Metal materials and Heat Treatment, Material Formation and Control Engineering;
    B. Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, Mechatronics, Moulds Design and Manufacturing, Hydraulic and Pneumatic;
    C. International Trade, Future Stock, Economical Management;

    If you have the interests in one of the above positions, please contact our HR Specialist for the possibility of interview with the following contacting methods:
    Ms. Dora Lee
    E-Mail: info@wolfstech.com

  • C&B

    WOLFSTECH always tries itself to attract, motivate and retain the best quality people that it needs to grow the business and achieve its business goals. We believe that the fruitful pay will earn the high royalty of our staff and encourage their potentials, to help us maintain our leading position in China and in the world, and enable us to become the most attractive company for various talented.

    Our Compensation Principles as follows:
    1) To Pay Competitively;
    2) To Pay for Performance;
    3) To Support Our Business Strategies.

  • Development & Training

    Career Development: We pay much attention about the growth of our staff in careers. Mainly in two respects as follows:
    1) How our staff manage their careers in our company;
    2) How our company structure the career progress of our staff;
    We organize annual assessing of Career Development for every employee, establish Career Development System, and implement one full set of training programs.


    Beliefs in Training: to focus on enhancement of personal ability; to regard training and education as a kind of investment, with request for repay; to consider it into a kind of encouragement, more for the excellent staff; to make the plan for career together with the staff, finally for the long-term development of staff and company;


    Guidelines in Training: to meet the need of company’s production and operation targets; to satisfy the requirement of structure optimization and ability enhancement; to improve precision management ability of the administrative staff, mastership of technical staff, technical knowledge of sales staff, and accurate production of production staff.

  • Our Staff

    Now, over 360 employees with technical college or higher qualification work for WOLFSTECH, consisting of around 20% of the total staff. Many of them are the Elites in the metal industry in China. Completely based on their efforts and hard-working, we become the leading company in China and in the world.