ACR Bimetallic Tube /Pipe

ACR Bimetallic tubes offer an excellent technical and economical solution for the production of high-

performance  evaporator, condensor and connection tubes of Air-condioners with the proved equal or even higher conditions to/than copper tubes.

Bimetallic tube is composed of two different materials: Copper and Anti-Corrison Aluminum. At the present, we have developed CoAl® Type with Copper Outer+ Aluminum Inner,  and AlCo® Type with Aluminum Outer+ Copper Inner.

In applications with high pressures and corrosive conditions, bimetallic tube permits a large economical savings in comparison with a tube made of a single metal-copper, since the use of precious materials is reduced to the minimum.

Combination of materials for bimetallic tube
Outer Tube
Inner Tube





Anti-Corrison Aluminum



Anti-Corrison Aluminum




The common application fields are:
  • Air-conditioner (Condensers, Evaporators, Connection tubes for Split-Unit)
  • Refrigeration industries, with Non-water Cooling Agent 
  • Finned or Inner Grooved handling, finally for Air-conditoner (including Split-Unit & Central Unit) or Refrigeration Industries with Non-water cooling agent
The bimetallic tube quality is assured by eddy current tests and tensile tests in order to verify the mechanical bonding between inner and outer tube and friendly usage in the application.